UPDATE: All tickets have been claimed
Sorry, we do not have a waitlist

Tickets for BSidesCharm 2018 will be sold over 3 rounds this year:

Sunday 2/18 (8PM EST)
Friday 3/2 (4PM EST)
Wednesday 3/7 (1PM EST)

Purchase 2018 tickets HERE!

What type of badge do I buy?

The majority of attendees should choose a standard BSidesCharm badge.

For those with Parallax electronic badges, which were sold last year, we will offer a new 2018 shield that can be attached to your electronic badge. Pick one or the other when buying your ticket. Please look for the option on the ticket page to select the electronic badge shield option. However, if you select the electronic badge shield, you are responsible for bringing a Parallax hackable electronic badge to BSidesCharm 2018.

Will you have the Parallax electronic badges again?

Electronic badges will not be available for purchase this year. If you choose the shield option when you buy your ticket, you will be provided with the 2018 shield at the registration table and then you must affix it to your Parallax badge. Electronic badge shields will only be available during online registration. We will not have any extra shields at the event. A shield by itself will not be considered a badge.

What about training?

As we've done last year, Training registration will be handled apart from general attendance tickets. We will be holding a separate registration one month prior to the event, at a date and time to be sent to all ticket-holders. At that point, a ticket-holder can elect a training class of their choice, until they fill up. There is no additional charge for training; it is part of your standard ticket fare.