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Internet Anarchy & The Global March toward Data Localization

Internet Anarchy & The Global March toward Data Localization
Lacking a global institution to harmonize internet governance, countries are formulating local data governance, privacy, and security regulations. This Splinternet poses logistical challenges for corporations and has strategic implications for geopolitics, democracy, and individual freedoms. This will be demonstrated through the GDPR, Chinese, and Russian approaches to data localization.

Presenter: Andrea Little Limbago (@limbagoa)
Dr. Andrea Little Limbago is a computational social scientist, cybersecurity researcher, writer, quant analyst, national security wonk, and outdoors and sports enthusiast. She is currently the Chief Social Scientist at Endgame, where she directs the company's technical content and contributes independent research at the intersection of cyber and geopolitics, while also advocating for greater inclusivity and representation in tech and national security. Andrea's writing and research has been featured in numerous outlets, including Politico, Dark Reading, Forbes, Business Insider, VentureBeat, and the Hill. She has presented at academic, government, and infosec cons, such as SOCOM's Global Synch, DerbyCon, Enigma, O'Reilly Security, and BSidesLV. Prior to Endgame, Andrea was a technical leader at the Joint Warfare Analysis Center, where she earned the Command's top award for technical excellence for her analytic support to the Geographic Combatant Commands, Special Operations Command, Strategic Command, and the Joint Staff. Andrea is a visiting fellow at the National Security Institute at George Mason University, a data analytics industry advisory board member at George Washington, and contributes to numerous infosec cons program review committees.