Mick Baccio

    Mick Baccio fell in love with the idea of cyberspace at nine years old after reading Neuromancer, which led him to pursue a career in computer operations with a focus on information security. He most recently held the title of Chief Information Security Officer at Pete for America, holding the honor of being the first CISO in the history of presidential campaigns. Mick was also the White House Threat Intelligence Branch Chief in both the Obama and Trump administrations and helped create a threat intelligence program during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act at the Department of Health and Human Services. Mick has also served in cybersecurity and technical roles at the Department of Defense and Centers for Disease Control and is a US Navy veteran. Mick is currently a Security Advisor at Splunk, leveraging his background and expertise to help customers solve complex security problems.

    In his spare time, when not posting pictures of food, cats, or sneakers to social media, Mick is the Vice President of The Open Organisation of Lockpickers in Washington DC, and a Goon at DefCon.