BSidesCharm 2023 tickets will be sold over the course of three rounds:

1st round: Sunday, Mar 5 @ 2000 EST
2nd round: Wednesday, Mar 15 @ 1600 EDT
3rd round: Monday, Mar 20 @ 1300 EDT


Training registration information will be included with the ticket statements.

Tickets are only $30.00 each!

Training Registration

There is no charge for training and training registration links will be emailed to all valid ticket holders. When registering for training, select the classes that you would like to take.

Is the class you want to register for sold-out? Sometimes attendees cancel their training registration so monitor EventBrite to see if a ticket becomes available. We require those with training tickets to arrive to the training class early.

Were you unable to obtain a ticket for training but you still REALLY want to be in the training class? The day of the training at the conference, you can line up for a class, outside of the training room, prior to its start. If the class has any open seats left (due to no-shows), we will begin allowing those that have lined up, on a first-come-first-serve basis, to enter 10 minutes prior to the start of the class.