Career Opportunities

Hiring Village offers an opportunity for BSidesCharm attendees to talk with companies about career opportunities. We have a fine assortment of small/medium/large companies from our local area that offer a mix of career opportunities. Come talk to our participating companies in a low-pressure environment and learn about what they have to offer.


Resume Review/Career Advice

Have career questions? Don’t know how to break into the speciality area of your interest? Not sure what options might be a fit for you? Stop by! We will have volunteer mentors – subject matter experts in the domain that can help with career questions.

How dusty is your resume? Does it really reflect your skills, abilities and talents? What does it look like to someone reviewing you for a job? Everyone should have an up-to-date resume. Stop by and meet with volunteer resume reviewers to fine tune your resumes. You don’t have to be job hunting to update your resume. Don’t wait until you need it!


Looking to Give Back?

Thank you for being interested in providing resume review and career mentoring at BSidesCharm 2020. We ask that you complete a few simple questions. Resume reviewing and career mentoring occurs that Saturday from 1pm to 5pm.

Volunteering gets you into BSidesCharm, but we sadly cannot cover travel expenses. You will get great appreciation from the community and feedback on what is going on in the community. Our motto is “coaching not poaching”. Come to give back and build your network but not actively recruit candidates.  While we understand that there are great people in the community who have experience reviewing resumes, we ask that only those that are in the role of being a recruiter apply for the resume reviewing opportunity. As to mentoring, we ask that you have at least 5 years experience in your particular industry – commercial or government contracting. Please share with us your previous mentoring experience. 

Once we have reviewed all the submissions, we will contact you about being a volunteer. Submission to the survey is not a guarantee of acceptance. We ask that you volunteer a minimum of 2 hours.  Sign up before March 6, 2020 and we will notify you of your selection by March 21, 2020. Thank you! 

Thank you for your willingness to give back to the community. 

Volunteer for Resume Reviewing: 

Volunteer for Career Mentoring : 



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  • Glassdoor – Find out about jobs, companies, salaries and job interviews. Comments are allowed from anyone, but not permitted to be removed by any company in order to keep it as unbiased as possible.  Search on keywords and locations to find jobs offered with estimated salaries and ratings on the companies. Do your homework on employers!
  • The Muse – Check out companies, search jobs, get sample cover letters and resume pointers.  Get general career advice or sign up for their email distro to get a great weekly digest of career tips.
  • BSidesCharm Hiring Village – Tips from the Field
  • BSidesCharm Hiring Village – Resume Advice

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any question you may have!