BSidesCharm Board of Directors

Brittany Barbehenn

Brittany Barbehenn leads a team of threat intelligence analysts focused on combatting adversaries at the behavioral level aiding in adversary readiness for all industries. When not in front of a computer, you can find Brittany hanging onto the edges of rock cliffs and chasing marmots up mountain switchbacks.

Jacque Blanchard

From a teenage hacker to an accomplished information security professional over a 17 year span, Jacquelyn Blanchard focuses on designing secure embedded systems that thwart the bad guys. Back when Jacquelyn was in her 20s (a long time ago), she earned her B.S. in Business Administration with emphasis in Computer Science and her M.A. in Business and Organizational Security Management. In her spare time, Jacquelyn enjoys walking in the woods, for weeks at a time, up and down very steep hills.

Russell Mosley

Russell Mosley (@sm0kem) has nineteen years’ experience in systems administration, IT operations, and information security operations and management. He is currently the CISO for a government contractor. He volunteers at the BSidesDC Crypt Kids event and is also an organizer with the DEF CON Blue Team Village.

Brian Baskin

Brian Baskin (@bbaskin) is a Technical Director of Threat Research with a specialty in digital forensics, incident response and malware analysis. Baskin was previously an intrusions analyst for the US Defense Cyber Crime Center and has studied and presented research on cyber threats for over 20 years. He has authored multiple security books and develops open source tools for more efficient malware analysis.

Jeff Brocious

Jeff Brocious (@JeffBSecurity) is currently working for a local company as Manager of Internal Security. Over his 30+ year career, he has worked on various software development projects, as well as helping his companies become more secure. So how does that tie in with BSidesCharm? After attending BSidesSF in 2013, he sent an email to Security BSides asking why there didn’t seem to be a BSides in Maryland. The simple response was “because you haven’t started one.” After several email exchanges, phone calls, and a lot of thought, he decided to take on the task of starting a BSides in the Baltimore area. After what seemed like forever, a small group of volunteers was able to put together the first BSidesCharm in April 2015. Now with five successful BSidesCharm conferences in the books, he is still trying to learn how to balance work, family and BSides.

Materials Organizers

Ethan O’Toole and Robert Scullin will provide all audio, video, streaming, and recording capabilities. They will also provide entertainment for the event party!


Hiring Village

Kathleen Smith (@YesItsKathleen)

Gary Clement



Shawn Thomas (@Understudy77)



Zach Baer (@zubion)

Thomas Phillips


Villages and Workshops

Sean Gallagher (@thepacketrat)


Website Design and Management

Brian Baskin (@bbaskin)

Sunfire (@chillSunfire)

Speakers and Training

Brian Baskin (@bbaskin)

Mick Baccio (@nohackme)

Brittany Barbehenn

Sean Gallagher (@thepacketrat)



Meagan Keim

Buddy Handymann (@budhandyman)

Lane Huff


Volunteer and Safety

Jim Elliott

Laura Fernandez

Samantha Mosley

Whitney Walton

Rob Weiss

Technology Team

David Zawdie

Corey Sinay

Jarred Rehm


Logistics Quartermaster

Zach Jumper



Adam John

Gary Clement (@Knoid2k)


Graphic Design

Doel Santos


Entertainment Lead

Russell Mosley

BSidesCharm would not be the great conference it is without the help of its two founders: Jeff Brocious and Forgotten. They’ve taken upon many hours of work over the previous years and it’s exhibited in our conference quality!