Steve Pote (scp), is a cybersecurity researcher and self-proclaimed Chaos Muppet. He is currently experimenting with Bluetooth and WiFi signals (among many things). He has a background in programming and development (the naughty kind). He holds a CISSP certification and a MS in Information Technology Audit and Cybersecurity from the Fox School of Business, Temple University. Steve can be found on Twitter @scp15487477 and reached by email

Rapunzel (PoC) had a sad story with a happy ending. She was adopted off the street when tiny.
She is a very chill kitty, the kind that sits in Doll cloths for a tea party. PoC is the acronym for Proof of Concept. Punzel makes a fun literal PoC, but an even better metaphor. She can can be found on Twitter #punzelourcat. She has no email…she’s a cat.