James Honeycutt

Mr. Honeycutt is a 26-year military veteran and has over 20 years of experience in IT/Security operations. He holds numerous SANS certifications and is currently working on his MSISE Degree (Masters of Science in Information Security Engineering). Mr. Honey enjoys giving back to the community by instructing. He has conducted a SANS Mentor Windows Security and PowerShell class, taught a three-month Security Boot Camp with Trilogy, and currently teaches Firewalls and Network Security at Howard Community College. He was also selected to peer review the SEC586: Blue Team Operations: Defensive PowerShell. When he has the time, he will produce PowerShell videos on YouTube.

Mr. Honeycutt became the Active Directory PowerShell expert as a SysAdmin. He started learning PowerShell back in PowerShell v2 and stays current with the changes. Mr. Honeycutt is currently serving as the Windows and PowerShell expert on his Cyber Protection Team, creating new ways and techniques to accomplish tasks without specialized tools. His current work includes a PowerShell Port Scanner, a PowerShell version of the bash file command. You can find his published work on GitHub.

He believes that if the adversary is living off the land, the defender should too.