Brianna Wu

Candidate for US House of Representatives

    Brianna Wu is a Democratic candidate for the United States Congress in the Massachusetts 8th
    District. She is a computer programmer, cyber security expert, and small business owner with a
    proven track record of standing up for progressive values.

    Brianna founded and runs her own independent technology firm in Dedham, Massachusetts.
    She also hosts several long-running podcasts on both tech and culture, including “Rocket” on
    Relay FM. Brianna came to national prominence during what was known as “Gamergate,” when
    she and other women working in the tech industry were personally targeted by alt-right hate
    groups, including one spearheaded by Steve Bannon, ex-Chief Strategist to Donald Trump.
    Despite multitudes of threats on her life and her family, Brianna has never wavered as a voice
    for the marginalized, including women, people of color, and LGBT individuals. The story of her
    continuing fight for social and economic justice has been told and fictionalized in several media,
    including an episode of Law & Order.

    As a congresswoman, Brianna will forge a bold path forward for America – universal health
    care, real answers for income inequality, job creation, gun safety, aggressive solutions to
    combat climate change, and getting money out of politics. As a leader in the tech industry,
    Brianna has the experience and expertise we need in Congress to address 21st Century
    information warfare, including Russian penetration of our electronic infrastructure, the
    unconstitutional assault on our privacy, and hackers stealing personal information.

    When getting away from politics and technology, she enjoys personally restoring and
    maintaining her car, racing her motorcycle, and spending time with her loving husband, Frank.