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There are two speaking tracks for each day, and one training classroom per day.

Opens at 8:30
09:50 - 10:00
BSidesCharm Opening Remarks


Amelie Koran (@webjedi)



Michael Kaiser (@CyberNews4you)
CEO of Defending Digital Campaigns



Chip Stewart
CISO, State of Maryland



Make Sager
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer
EMILY’s List | The Nation’s Largest Resource for Women in Politics

Moderator: Amélie Koran

For most organizations, posting brochures, contract templates, whitepapers, and various forms of marketing collateral online is a standard practice. And for most threat actors, this can surreptitiously provide a wealth of information about the organization they are targeting.

In this talk, we will examine why cyber criminals benefit from the public sharing of organizational documents, how they make use of the metadata contained in the documents, how misconfigurations and lack of user awareness can lead to data leaks, and propose practical / open source methodologies organizations can employ to protect themselves.

Nick Ascoli

CyberChef is known as the “cyber Swiss army knife” because of the myriad operations you can perform with this most excellent tool. Developed by GCHQ, this open-source web application can encode and decode, encrypt and decrypt, compress and decompress, analyze files and images, and so much more. Every professional should have CyberChef in their toolbox and in this talk I will cover some of the operations I frequently use in my role as a security researcher.

Marcelle Lee